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Welcome to En Game Air

What is En Game Air?

I'm an amateur artist with a day job and a young child. As much as I'd like to, I have little time to go out plein air painting.

For me, working from photographs is helpful but dull. The life of a place is missing from photographs. You don't get the sounds or the motion. And, if you've never been to the scene yourself, you only get a single window to that place.

En Game Air is plein air painting using the simulated environments in video games. There are many games with vast, beautiful worlds for exploration. These worlds can be full of (artificial) life.

I decided to experiment with this idea to see how it felt, and it turns out it's a lot of fun. Plus, in the short time I've been doing this, I feel like my painting has grown much more quickly than it was before.

Gateway Sketch, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Watercolor 2018

The setup is pretty straightforward. You can paint at your desk in front of your computer screen. Or, at an easel in front of your TV. There are a lot of open-world exploration games that work amazingly well (e.g., Skyrim and No Man's Sky). I'll go into more detail about setup and games in the future as I continue to experiment.

This website will be dedicated to my exploration of en game air painting. I'll try to update this blog regularly, and I plan to start posting videos very soon. Thanks for stopping by.